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The World’s Strongest Beer – 67.5 Percent Snake Venom

The World’s Strongest Beer – 67.5 Percent Snake Venom

The World’s strongest beer is called Snake Venom, and has an alcohol content of an astounding 67.5%. It is brewed by Brewmeister, which is a small brewery in the town of Keith, in the North East of Scotland. Scottish whiskey buffs will recognise Keith as the home of Chivas Regal. Lewis Shand and John McKenzie founded Brewmeister in 2011. They had spent their younger years brewing beer at home before they came up with the plan … Read entire article »

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Keep It Clean (or The Importance of Clean Glasses)

The soft amber glow, fruity aroma, and fluffy white foam of a beer well poured is a delight to behold. But all to often, the glass can lead to a disappointing experience with a beer, this can happen when visiting friends or even at restaurants. The problem usually stems from beer glasses being washed with the other dishes in the dishwasher. The dishwasher rinse aid leaves a thin film on glasses. This film then interferes with the beer foam. The foam may be a little less than it should when the beer is first poured, and then disappears completely after only a couple of minutes. You can still see bubbles rising in the glass, so the beer is not flat, but it tastes flat and lifeless. Beer glasses should be washed separately … Read entire article »

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