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Barrow Boys Pedlars Pale

Barrow Boys Pedlars Pale

Barrow Boys latest brew is a pale ale that has been dry hopped and is only coarsely filtered. It is currently being brewed up at Mildura Brewery under the guidance of brewer Ash Hazel.

The dry hopping schedule uses the fruity Vic Secret hop. Ash kindly gave me a couple of samples to try a while ago, so it was good to finally get a chance to give them a taste.

It pours a pale amber colour, which is cloudy, perhaps even slightly muddy, from the bottle sediment. The foam has small bubbles that remain long after pouring. It has a fresh fruity hop aroma. On tasting, there is a slightly harsh hop bitterness with loads of grapefruit and a faintly resinous finish.

Overall, this is an enjoyable hoppy pale ale. Ash has mentioned that he will be tweaking the recipe for the next batch, so it will be interesting to see what changes he will make.

  • Rating: 3 ½
  • Beer Style: American Pale
  • Alcohol: 5.3%
  • Bitterness: 45 IBU
  • Colour: 8 SRM
  • Food Matches: Pizza, spicier Asian dishes, and hamburgers.

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