Fancy Pants Amber Ale – Mountain Goat Brewery

Mountain Goat – Fancy Pants

Amber ale is the style of beer that changed the way Cam and Dave at Mountain Goat Brewery viewed beer. It started them on the journey that has led them to own one of Australia’s most successful craft breweries.

A few years ago they went back to the drawing board and created an amber ale that would be refreshing and sessionable but still have rich malt and hop flavours. The result was Fancy Pants.

Originally released in bottles as a limited edition “Rare Breed,” its popularity confirmed that this delightful ale should be brewed regularly. Thus, when they started looking for a beer to sell in cans over the cooler months, Fancy Pants was the logical choice.

It pours a large rocky head with small bubbles. The colour is a deep ruby red and it has a sweet fruity aroma. The taste is of burnt toffee with orange, peach and passionfruit with little bitterness.

Richer and warmer in flavour than the Summer Ale, it’s ideal for when the weather gets cooler.

  • Rating: 3 ½
  • Beer Style: Amber Ale
  • Alcohol: 5.2%
  • Bitterness: 32 IBU
  • Colour: 16 SRM
  • Serving Temp: 6-8°
  • Serving Glass: Tulip or Pint
  • Food matches: Pork, beef, lamb, and pecan cake

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