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Beer Review – Rocks Brewing Conviction Series

A few months ago Rocks Brewing launched their Conviction Series Pale and IPA beers in cans. The beers were released in time for Sydney beer week last year. So, it was a nice surprise to get a couple of samples delivered to my house this week.

I hadn’t tried either of these Rocks beers before, so I looked forward to doing a review.

Pale Ale – 3.5%

  • Appearance – It pours a cloudy gold colour with a coarse foam.
  • Aroma – There is a light aroma of malt and passionfruit, perhaps with a touch of lemon.
  • Flavour – A tingle of the tongue from the carbonation and light body. The malt dissipates quickly, leaving a refreshing dry finish.
  • Summary – Seeing as this is only a 3.5% mid strength ale, it is quite enjoyable, especially on a hot day or when you just want a refreshing drink.


IPA – 7.2%

  • Appearance – Lighter in colour than the Pale Ale, this is a cloudy pale yellow, but with a denser fine white foam.
  • Aroma – It smells like pineapple and passionfruit.
  • Taste – It has a medium body, without any assertive bitterness, and tropical fruits. Leaving a lovely gentle resinous bitter finish.
  • Summary – A well balanced and flavoursome IPA for when you can sit down, relax and enjoy a drink.


Keep an eye out for these two great new canned beers at locales near you.



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