Coopers Session Ale Unveiled

Cooper Brewery have a delightful new session ale, which is aptly named Session Ale. This light and fruity ale is easy to drink and has an interesting flavour profile. The base malts are pale ale and wheat, while the fruity hop aromas and flavours come from the Melba and, everybody’s favourite, Galaxy.

The Session Ale is only being released in kegs for on-premise sales, but Coopers were kind enough to send me some samples that they had canned especially for review. And it gave me an excuse to get out the Coopers glasses I bought a couple of years ago.

  • Appearance: Cloudy pale gold appearance with a closely foamed white head.
  • Aroma: Citrus rind, pineapple and passion fruit.
  • Flavour: Light in body, with a large dose of pineapple mixed with other fruity flavours.
  • Summary: A light and flavoursome fruity ale, with only 4.2% alcohol, making it ideal for the warmer months ahead.


You can use the Coopers Beer Finder to see if there is a venue selling it near you.

For more information you can read the full press release below:


Session Ale Joins Coopers Beer Family

Coopers Brewery is adding a new member to its family of ales.

Coopers Session Ale is a refreshing summer style beer with tropical fruit notes and an aromatic hop character from the Galaxy and Melba hop varieties used in this brew. It will be available in keg to the on-premise (hotel) trade around Australia from October 9.

Coopers National Sales and Marketing Director, Mr Cam Pearce, said Session Ale had been developed to meet the growing demand for fruity, easy-drinking summer style beers and filled a niche in Coopers’ unique range of ales.

“Session Ale is brewed using Coopers’ traditional secondary fermentation process that eliminates the need for additives or preservatives,” he said.

“Being secondary fermented, the beer will also have the slightly cloudy appearance of our unique traditional ales.

“Our brewers have used pale and wheat malt and a combination of Galaxy and Melba hops along with a “secret ingredient” to brew Session Ale.

“The hops have been added late in the brewing process for bitterness and then dry hopped to extract flavour and aroma. This gives a moderate level of after-palate dry-hopped bitterness to balance the estery flavours produced by the famous Coopers Ale yeast.”

The beer has a golden straw colour and an alcohol level of 4.2%.

The release of Session Ale follows earlier limited releases of Family Secrets Amber Ale and Brew A IPA to the on-premise market.

Mr Pearce said while Amber Ale and IPA had been released under the Thomas Cooper’s Selection label, Session Ale has been released under its own distinctive rondel (ale label) making it an obvious and distinct member of the family, alongside Sparkling Ale, Pale Ale, Stout, Dark Ale and Mild Ale.

“We believe Session Ale has the potential to become very popular among consumers looking for a premium quality, refreshing, summer-style beer,” he said.

He said Session Ale’s distinctive blue Coopers rondel would be readily spotted in hotels stocking the beer.

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